22 December 2019

I have yet to test this circuit, but it will be able to measure
QRO power with accuracy up to 5% or less of error

Its a capacitive 100:1 voltage divider followed by the known voltage peak detector


eDX100 powered by eQSL.cc

SSB (100w) & DIGI (50W) 
OH2EC home built Dipole Antenna

06 November 2019


I am very sorry to hear that my fellow ham brother Aarre as passed away.

Aarre was indeed a very special person. Unique, giving his heart, soul, possessions without asking anything in return. Sometimes I wondered if he was really finnish HI .

I felt Aarre tried his best to be a good human being and his priority, at his own way, was always the person next to him, and with all the challenges life gave him he was always ready to help you move ahead.

We are all made of atoms, electrons, neutrons, energy, and in Nature, like  Antoine Lavoisier said "nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed."  

The best way I can pay a tribute is by using his antenna design (the one at my Lisbon QTH was built by his hands) and every time my radio transmits I will be saying "hello" to Aarre


24 April 2016

QRP, Antennas and Sun

Today was a good day. Although the bands were closed I was able to test some antenna prototypes. It's amazing what can be done with 2.5W... Three out of four antenna designs worked very well! 

13 February 2016

QRP 40m to 6m OCF antenna

I am in the process of building a QRP 40m -6m OCF antenna.

I am very happy with the 4:1 Guanella balun I built with FT114-43 toroid:

2 x 1:1 current balun to form the above 4:1 guanella and a 1:1 current balun

08 February 2016

40-20-10 End Fed Antenna

End Fed Antenna ready to deploy:

20,35m length, 1:4 balun on a FT140-43 toroid and I used a 100pf capacitor 

07 February 2016

Magnetic Travel Loop

Magnetic Travel Loop with great results!

Flowerpot Antenna

Flowerpot Antenna

Big SWR curve...

08 July 2012

Home Made Multiband Dipole

Based on the W3DZZ antenna, this Dipole proved to be very efficient without Antenna Tuner on 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m bands. With ATU I was able to work on 17m and 6m bands with success.

 Orientation of the dipole regarding North. 

 One of the views from the roof.

 Detail on the 1,5KW trap

Center of the Dipole,  VHF antenna, SAT Antenna

Detail from the center Dipole with the 10M band whiskers... :)

23 May 2010


The newer station.

The older station.